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The Fire Manager provides overall fire management supervision and coordination for the geographic area for which s/he is designated in this capacity.


  • Ensures Conservancy fire management requirements and guidelines are met or exceeded
  • Keeps senior leadership in his/her area informed of fire program activities, needs, risks and accomplishments
  • Provides technical and scientific support to Fire Planners and Burn Bosses
  • Ensures that fire personnel qualification records are maintained and collects annual updates of information for IQCS database
  • Ensures notifications are made for all reportable fire incidents and oversees needed internal reviews
  • Ensures timely annual reporting of program's fire management activities
  • Conducts or assists with fire management training at local, regional and national levels
  • Keeps current on internal and external developments in the field of wildland fire management in order to maintain excellence in his/her program
  • Builds strong partnerships with public and private partners to further the goals of the Conservancy in his/her area of responsibility
  • Approves fire management plans and Prescribed Burn Plans, including burn plans to be implemented by a contractor
  • Reviews proposed contracts and agreements related to fire management activities, and provides comments to TNC legal counsel
  • Approves qualifications of contractors hired to conduct prescribed burns
  • Modifies or exempts specific fire management guidelines as defined in the Fire Management Manual, with written justification
  • Designs and implements standards specific to the programs overseen, provided that those standards meet or exceed organizational standards
  • Mentors, evaluates and designates Burn Bosses, in writing, with notification to the Fire Management Director; certifies all burn boss position task books (PTB's)
  • Temporarily suspend fire management program operations under the following circumstances:
    The Fire Manager may temporarily suspend (or "stand down") operations of a particular fire program under his/her supervision if there is clear evidence of safety violations, serious risk of potential safety violations, or non-compliance with Conservancy SOPs, requirements or guidelines. The Fire Manager must notify the program's Burn Boss and the Fire Management Coordinator of the stand down order by written memo or email, stating the reasons for the action. The Fire Manager, Burn Boss and Fire Management Coordinator will work together to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If necessary, the Fire Manager and Fire Management Coordinator may conduct a full review of the program before the stand down is lifted. The State Director and Project Director will be notified of the stand down and its resolution.

To be successful, the Fire Manager, burn bosses, and conservation science staff within a program must be in regular communication on fire management issues. The Fire Manager should also communicate regularly with the Fire Management Coordinator on issues that develop within the program.


A Fire Manager is designated by the Fire Management Coordinator for a specific geographic region, typically one or more states. This designation must be in writing, with the memo kept with the Fire Manager's qualifications documents maintained by the Fire Management Coordinator. A Fire Manager must be familiar with the fuel types and sites for which plans are being approved and must have a demonstrated ability to evaluate people, programs and potential problems, and to build partnerships. Attendance at a Conservancy Fire Manager's Workshop is strongly recommended.

Acting Fire Manager

A Fire Manager may designate an Acting Fire Manager to serve all or part of their region of responsibility during brief periods of unavailability. The Fire Management Coordinator and all relevant burn bosses and operating unit supervisors will be notified in writing of Acting Fire Manager designations (email is acceptable). An Acting Fire Manager should be familiar with the fuel types, activities and personnel of the program. If the Acting Fire Manager is not an existing Conservancy Burn Boss or Fire Manager, the Fire Management Coordinator must be consulted prior to designation. An Acting Fire Manager shall not have the authority to modify or exempt fire management guidelines, designate new burn bosses or approve new contractor burn boss qualifications.

Last updated July 20, 2017.

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