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The Burn Boss Type 3 directs prescribed fire operations on some low complexity burns. This is an agency-specific position, one not defined in the PMS 310-1 qualifications guide.

Criteria for RXB3 use:

  • Complexity Analysis final ranking of "low" using either NWCG complexity analysis, or TNC complexity analysis.
  • Conservancy Consequence Analysis ranking of "not high"
  • No aerial ignition
  • Prescribed Burn Plan limits prescription parameters to those that provide for wide safety margins. E.g. plans consider: conservative yet effective fire behavior prescriptions; wide fire breaks; and more personnel than minimally adequate.
  • Prescribed Burn Unit Plan must explicitly list RXB3 as acceptable

This position differs significantly from the RXB3 of many US government agencies in that the Conservancy requires additional training and experience. A person qualified by an agency as an RXB3 is not necessarily qualified for use as a Conservancy RXB3 because of additional qualifications requirements.

Responsibility and Authority

  • Directs prescribed fire operations on some low complexity burns
  • Directs Non-broadcast burns
  • Coordinates necessary fire suppression activities, e.g. prescribed fire contingency response
  • Confirms crew member training, qualifications and position currency
  • Prepares Prescribed Burn Plans and assists with other planning
  • Serves as instructor for entry to mid-level wildland fire courses
  • Responsible for safe and effective fire operations
  • Instructs the science and practice of ecological burning

How to become a Burn Boss Type 3

An RXB3 must meet minimum training, experience and physical fitness requirements listed below, and complete the RXB3 Position Task Book (PTB) as a trainee on three or more prescribed burns that are supervised by a Type 1 or Type 2 Burn Boss.

Required Training:

  • S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander
  • S-390 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations

Other Training (not required) which supports development of knowledge and skills:

Required experience:

  • Firing Boss (FIRB)
  • An additional Single Resource Boss, Engine Boss (ENGB) is preferred
  • Participation in a total of at least 10 prescribed burns whose primary purpose is not training

Required Physical Fitness:

Position Task Book:
Conservancy Fire Manager must Initialize and Agency Certify the RXB3 position task book. The Fire Management Coordinator must Initialize and Agency Certify all task books for a designated Fire Manager.

Position Currency

To remain qualified in a RXB3 position:

Position Documentation

The Fire Manager has the final authority and responsibility for designating an individual as a TNC Burn Boss Type 3. The designation must be made in writing with a memo or letter signed by the Fire Manager, and a copy sent to the Fire Management Coordinator. Sample memo. Meeting all of the above standards for RXB3 does not automatically qualify and give a person authority to conduct prescribed burns. The designation will depend on the recommendations from fellow burners and careful evaluation of leadership qualities by the Fire Manager. An individual may be restricted to burning in certain fuel types or in specific sites or geographic areas. If a burn boss moves to another program, he/she must be re-designated in writing by the new program's Fire Manager.

A Burn Boss is responsible for maintaining awarded training certificates, completed Position Task Books, fitness test documentation, and a log or record of his/her wildland fire experience. Upon designation of a burn boss, the local program must send copies of these documents to the Fire Management Coordinator. Copies may also be kept in a state or local office for documenting an individual's information in the IQCS database.

Under no circumstances should any Conservancy staff, volunteer, or contractor conduct a burn for which he/she has not been approved in writing as a qualified Burn Boss.

If a Burn Boss shows persistent deficiencies in fulfilling his/her role, the Fire Manager or Fire Management Coordinator may conduct a review of that person's qualification status, and may permanently or temporarily revoke Conservancy burn boss status.

Last updated July 20, 2017.

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