Standard Operating

  Fire Management Requirements and Guidelines

This section of the Manual sets out The Nature Conservancy's Standard Operating Procedure, requirements and guidelines for wildland fire. The difference between these three types of rules is explained below.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): As specified in the Conservancy's Policies and Procedures Manual (available on the TNC Connect internal network), compliance with all SOPs is mandatory. Unless specified otherwise in a particular standard operating procedure, only the director of the Worldwide Office function responsible for issuing a particular standard operating procedure has the authority to grant an exception to the procedure.

Requirements: Requirements apply to all fires, wildfire and prescribed burns, and can only be exempted by the Fire Management Coordinator.

Guidelines: Guidelines apply to all prescribed burns. The Fire Manager may exempt guidelines in writing with justification. Specific conditions may exist for a particular burn that make it safer or more effective to allow for an exemption from a guideline. Such exemptions are noted in the burn plan for most situations.

Last updated November 30, 2014.


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